1st Northeast Probability Seminar

Conference on Stochastic Processes
in honor of Richard Isaac

November 21st and 22nd

Segal Theater
First Floor, CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue, New York City

November 21

Zhan Shi, University of Paris VI

“Clustering in a self-gravitating gas”

Krzysztof Burdzy, University of Washington

“Lyapunov exponent for reflected Brownian motion”

Richard Bass, University of Connecticut

“Stability of parabolic Harnack inequalities”

Shaul Foguel, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

“Markov Processes – Markov Operators”

November 22

Greg Lawler, Cornell University

“Conformal Restriction Properties”

Wenbo V. Li, University of Delaware

“On the positivity exponent of random polynomials”

Please let us know at
mbmarcus@earthlink.net if you are planning to attend.
This will help us in our planning and enable us to contact you about
further developments.

The conference is open to all interested parties. There is no
registration fee.

We are having a conference dinner at Darma, a Moroccan (Kosher) restaurant
on Columbus Ave. and 89th Street at 7:00 PM Thursday. (We will all go there
together). There will be a vegetarian entree as well as meat and fish. The
cost is $30.00. We hope you will come. We would appreciate knowing if you
will (email mbmarcus@earthlink.net),
although we will accept reservations until noon Thursday, Nov. 21.

We will also have coffee, bagels and pastries Thurs. and Fri. at 10:30 AM
and a wine and cheese reception immediately after the talks on Thursday,
(about 5:00PM).

Some useful links:

  • Finding the Graduate Center
  • Nearby Restaurants

  • Rooms have been reserved at the Milburn Hotel, 76th. St.,
    right off Broadway at a rate of $135 a day. You can find them at
    . The Graduate Center is in a commercial neighborhood which is
    uninteresting at night. This hotel is in a residential neighborhood
    with many restaurants and is close to Central Park and Lincoln
    Center. Please phone them at 800-833-9622 and make your own
    arrangements. Tell them you are attending the Conference on
    Stochastic Processes and want the City College Rate. Call before
    October 10, November is a busy month in New York.

    The hotel is 20 minutes from the Grad. Center, 10 by Subway and 10
    on foot. (At 72nd and Broadway take the 1, 2 or 3 line downtown to
    34th St. You will be on 7th Ave. Walk east to 5th Ave. (The
    Grad. Center is at 34th St. and 5th. Ave.). It is also an
    interesting 45 minute walk, cutting through Central Park and then
    going down Fifth Ave.

    As well, the following link allows one to search for other hotel
    accomodations Area Hotels.