The CUNY Graduate Forum In Probability is a weekly discussion for graduate students interested to hear some probability. The setup is informal, to favor questions and discussions. The students are welcome to suggest concepts and problems in probability they might be interested in.

The CUNY Probability Seminar will have both in-person and online talks. During Spring 2023 forum will be held on Tuesdays in room (4214.03) from 10:00 to 11:00 AM EST. If you are interested in speaking at the forum or would like to be added or to be removed from the forum mailing list, then please get in touch with either of the forum’s coordinators:

Khalid Shafiq and Pranav Chinmay

To subscribe to the list for announcements: email Khalid Shafiq.

Seminar Schedule:

The forum meets on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:00 am EST.

The zoom link, when applicable, will be sent out via the CUNY Probability Seminar listserv. If you are not on the mailing list, please get in contact with the seminar organizers to receive the joining information.


Spring 2023

  • January 31: Get together to schedule and organize the reading material.
  • February 7:  Electrical Networks (Matt Genkin)
  • February 14:   Bernoulli Percolation (Pranav Chinmay)
  • February 21:  (No Meeting: CUNY Monday Schedule)
  • February 28: Markov Chains and Random Walk (Khalid Shafiq)
  • March 7: TBA
  • March 14: TBA
  • March 21: TBA
  • March 28: TBA
  • April 4: No Meeting (Spring break)
  • April 11: No Meeting (Spring break)
  • April 18: TBA
  • April 25: TBA
  • May 2: TBA
  • May 9: TBA

Fall 2020