18th Northeast Probability Seminar

The 18th Northeast Probability Seminar will be held November 21-22, 2019 at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave, New York, N.Y. (between 34’th and 35’th Street), Segal Theatre

The speakers are:

Short talks: As at the previous seminars, there will be time for short, informal talks and discussion sessions. Please send short talk proposals from junior researchers to Jack Hanson jackhansonmath@gmail.com .


Thursday, Nov. 21: Segal Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center

9:30-10:00    am  Registration and Refreshments
10:00-11:00  am  Patricia Goncalves  (Instituto Superior Técnico) “Deriving the regional fractional Laplacian with several boundary conditions.”
11:00-11:30 am   Refreshments
11:30-12:30 am   Gabor Lugosi (Fabra University)) 
12:30 – 2:00 pm   Lunch
2:00 –  3:00  pm  Junior participant talks
3:00 –  3:30  pm  Refeshments
3:30 –  4:45  pm  Junior participant talks
5:00 – 7:00   pm   Conference Reception and Dinner Skylight Room 9100, Graduate Center

Friday, Nov. 22 Segal Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center
9:30-10:00     am  Registration and Refreshments
10:00-11:00  am  Rafal Latala (University of Warsaw) “Strong and weak moments of random vectors.”
11:00-11:30  am  Refreshments
11:30-12:30  am  Oren Louidor  (Technion)
12:30 – 2:00  pm  Lunch
2:00 –  3:00   pm  Junior participant talks
3:00 –  3:30  pm   Refeshments
3:30 –  4:45  pm  Junior participant talks

Junior participant talks:

2:00 PM – Sangjoon Lee (Quasi-Limiting Behavior of a Drifted Brownian Process)
2:15 PM – Ning Ning (Simultaneous Two-dimensional Continuous-time Markov Chain Approximation of Two-dimensional Fully Coupled Markov Diffusion Processes)
2:30 PM – Phanuel Mariano (Isoperimetric-type inequalities for the lifetime of space-time Brownian motion)
2:45 PM – Morgane Austern (Limit theorems for random structures and functions of exchangeable structures)
3:30 PM – Daesung Kim (Quantitative inequalities for the expected lifetime of the Brownian motion)
3:45 PM – Clayton Barnes (Interacting reflected diffusions and their hydrodynamic limits)
4:00 PM – Mark Rychnovsky (Large Deviations for sticky Brownian motions)
4:15 PM – Benjamin McKenna (Large deviations for extreme eigenvalues of deformed Wigner random matrices)
4:30 PM – Lily Wang (An Estimate for the Radial Chemical Distance in 2D Critical Percolation Clusters)

2:00 PM – Cheuk Lee (Local Nondeterminism and the Exact Modulus of Continuity for Stochastic Wave Equation)
2:15 PM – Donghyun Seo (Localization of directed polymers in continuous space) 
2:30 PM – Pax Kivimae (Continuum Limits for Random Quadratic Optimization)
2:45 PM – Xiao Shen (Coalescence estimates for the corner growth model with exponential weights)
3:30 PM – Hugo Panzo (Spectral upper bound for the torsion function of a class of subordinate Brownian motions)
3:45 PM – Dong Yao (The Symbiotic Contact Process)
4:00 PM – Hong-Bin Chen (Rare exit events near a repelling equilibrium)
4:15 PM – Yixiang Mao (Uncertainty quantification for non-absolutely continuous perturbations of probability measures)
4:30 PM – Ruoyu Wu (Mean-field interaction on random graphs with dynamically changing multi-color edges)
4:45 PM – Wenjian Liu (Phase Transition of the Reconstructability of a General Model with Different In-community and Out-community Mutations on an Infinite Tree)

Hotels: Wyndham hotel rates are around $199/night (on the web now). It is located on 35th Street between 8’th and 9’th Ave. Reservations can be made through the web:

NEPS scientific committee: Louis-Pierre Arguin, Yuri Bakhtin, Nayantara Bhatnagar, Paul Bourgade, Ivan Corwin, Julien Dubedat, Ramon Van Hanel, Elena Kosygina, Eyal Lubetzky, Carl Mueller, Daniel Ocone, Robin Pemantle, Victor de la Peña, Brian Rider and Jay Rosen.

Financial Support: We gratefully acknowledge the generous funding from the National Science Foundation that makes this event possible.

The NSF grant allows us to offer some financial support to participants from US Universities. We will give preference to graduate students, postdocs, women and minorities, and junior faculty.

Applicants for this financial support should provide:

  • a one-page letter explaining their interest in the seminar and its relation to their research interests
  • a current CV
  • graduate students and postdocs should also arrange for a letter of recommendation to be sent from their advisor or some expert familiar with their work

Materials should be sent either by e-mail (preferred) or postal mail to:
Prof. Jack Hanson
Department of Mathematics
City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

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